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Hypersen Sensor Technology provides support for production safety


By collecting and transmitting the environmental information under test, the sensor can realize the effective monitoring and early warning of dangerous factors.

The six dimensional force sensor and face array solid state LIDAR sensor developed by Hypersen offer superior stability, sensitivity, rapid response and durability.

With the development of the Internet of Things, sensors are expected to play a greater role in security Iot perception technology, security monitoring and early warning, etc.

Mechanization and automation are widely used in industrial production process, greatly improving work efficiency and product standard rate.

Mechanical automation has brought about convenient, fast and efficient production, but due to the operation is not standard, safety awareness is not in place, resulting in a lot of safety accidents.

In April, a worker at a machinery company in Hefei, Anhui province, was crushed to death while operating a lift platform to deliver accessories

0he surveillance video showed that the lift was less than a meter high, but some parts fell under the lift. When she reached under the lift to pick up the parts, the lift began to descend slowly. Due to the small gap in the lift, the woman could not move and was crushed to death.

Similarly, shortly after the resumption of work this year, a forklift moving shelf accident occurred in the hazardous waste storage of Xi 'an Xidian Transformer Co., Ltd. in Lianhu District of Xi 'an city, resulting in the death of one worker.

A week later, a hydraulic press extrusion at Shaanxi Bowei Auto Parts Co., in the Gaoling district of Xi 'an, killed one worker.

Safety accidents happen again and again, sad, but also sounded the alarm to people!

The idea of "illegal operation and carelessness" is the cause of many accidents. It is not only necessary to carry out safety education, but also to strengthen safety protection measures for industrial equipment, clarify safety hidden dangers, prevent and control scientifically, and avoid injury accidents.

In the operation of machinery, common injuries fall into the following three categories.

One is bite and squeeze, commonly seen in presses, gears, hinges, etc.

The second is collision and impact, mainly through the impact or high-speed running parts to cause serious injury, common in the press, gear, belt and pulley, chain and sprocket and other two opposite direction of the roll.

The third is contact, which includes clipping, cutting, cutting, bruising and sticking and winding. It is commonly seen in sharp edges, sharp corners and turning heads of lathes.

Safety protection device is a device configured on mechanical equipment, which can guarantee the safety of human and equipment.

There are four principles of safety protection, "every wheel must have a cover, every axle must have a cover, every platform must have a railing, every hole must have a cover".

In the national standard GB/T8196-2018 general Requirements for the Design and Manufacture of Fixed and movable protective Devices for mechanical Safety Protection devices, protective devices are divided into four categories.

One is fixed protective device, two is movable protective device, three is adjustable protective device, four is movable protective device.

It is not enough to have protective devices. Through monitoring devices, accident signs such as dangerous factors and harmful factors of mechanical equipment can be found in time, and alarm devices that send out alarms to people by flashing red lights or honking horns are usually used in conjunction with protective devices.

Risk early warning is the guarantee of mechanical automation production safety, ensure that industrial production safety risk control, in addition to enhance staff safety awareness and training, strict operation safety management, must have the perfect risk monitoring and early warning measures for security, therefore, the sensor technology as the first perception layer is shouldering the important responsibility.

Sensor is an important magic weapon for measurement and monitoring, especially in the field of equipment safety monitoring for automatic enterprises such as mechanical equipment and industrial production.

The process of machinery production is complicated. In recent years, there have been accidents of unsafe operating equipment, so the monitoring and early warning work in this field is the most important.

In addition, the precise sensor is related to the life safety, the property safety important element.

As a high-tech enterprise that develops high-end intelligent sensors, Hypersen produces HPS-FT series of six-dimensional force/six-axis force sensors, which are widely used in robotic arms.

The IO of the EtherCAT/Ethernet adapter for the six-dimensional force sensor can be connected to the emergency stop IO of the robot and the corresponding alarm threshold can be set.

When a threshold is detected to be exceeded, the adapter performs an emergency stop on the robot via the IO signal.

The six - dimensional force sensor super - sensitive pressure conduction system, with good anti - collision emergency stop function, can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and equipment damage.

In addition, The HPS-3D160 series of 3D solid-state laser radar independently developed by Hypersen is widely used in automatic gate triggering control, AGV vehicle obstacle avoidance and intelligent traffic management.

The HPS-3D160 planar array ToF sensor has a resolution of 160*60, and the software supports the customization of four ROI regions (Regions of Interest).

Each ROI area can be customized with a range trigger threshold (for example, when a return distance in the area is less than the distance threshold set by the user, the software will send an alarm signal), so that the ROI area can be protected by distance control.

For example, if the trigger distance is set in an area, the camera will send an alarm signal if the distance between the person and the camera is less than the trigger distance when the person enters the area.

As one of the security accessories, the sensor guards the door of product safety and personal safety at all times.

Especially when used in dangerous places such as production, storage and transportation of inflammable, explosive and toxic substances, pressure warning and obstacle warning play a key role in preventing the occurrence of catastrophic accidents. Therefore, the contribution of sensors to production safety protection should not be underestimated.

During production, The precision and stability of the sensor can be fully guaranteed by Hypersen technology. Only in this way can the sensor fully play its role in the process of use and contribute its own scientific and technological strength to industrial production safety.

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