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Chromatic Confocal Sensor enabling high-precision measurement Hypersen craftsmanship


For a long time, technological innovation has been the key helmsman to seize the market, and all companies seeking development do not need to expand a diversified advanced product line to cope with the endless technological challenges.

At the same time, in recent years, with the advancement of precision manufacturing, higher requirements have been placed on the accuracy of measurement. An industrial iteration centered on "intelligent manufacturing" is quietly having a profound impact. . High-end sensors are not only the ears for collecting data, but also the eyes for high-end manufacturing and precision measurement, and its importance is self-evident.

As a high-end sensor manufacturer dedicated to technological innovation, Hyberson firmly believes that in a more rational market environment, only products with higher quality, more innovative elements, and breakthrough key technologies in the industry can stand the market. Severe test. In the ever-accelerating market environment, Heberson has ignited the spark of “dare to create”, developed blockbuster products, broke through the core technology of precision measurement, and crafted the “intelligent eye” of high-end sensors—spectral confocal sensors, showing new industry trends A generation of surging power, a device that uses a spectrometer to decode spectrum information to obtain location information, and enhance the quality and productivity of customers in the manufacturing field.

Among them, the HPS-CF series spectroscopic confocal sensor is a non-contact displacement sensor that is not affected by material, work topography, and has a large measuring angle with high precision and nanometer level. It can measure the inclination angle of smooth and clean surfaces up to ±62°. The non-glossy surface is ±88°, which solves the problem of small angle characteristics of traditional optical measurement, and makes the detection breakthrough the original bottleneck. The controller can simultaneously support 4-channel sensor head measurement, and the detection speed can reach a maximum of 72kHz, which can be -20~ Work in +60℃ temperature environment. The ambient temperature of the sensor head is -40~+85℃. Compared with traditional measurement methods, the Heberson HPS-CF series spectral confocal sensor has obvious advantages such as high speed, high precision and high adaptability.

Its unique multi-layer material measurement algorithm can stably measure various materials such as metals, ceramics, mirrors, glass, etc., with a measurement error of only ±0.3μm, suitable for high temperature and high pressure and other harsh operating environments and various high precision requirements Measurement occasions, such as the thickness of glass, the curvature of mobile phone screens, printed circuit boards, wafer inspection, liquid surface inspection, mirror flatness, high-reflective objects and other objects detection, can provide for extremely challenging and complex measurement applications Highly professional solutions.

At present, Hyberson has comprehensively and intelligently manufactured high-quality products that are combined with applications such as optics, mechanics, machinery, electronics, and algorithms, including six-dimensional force sensors, area array solid-state lidars, single-point ToF ranging sensors, and laser triangles. Displacement sensors, spectral confocal displacement sensors, laser profilers, etc., products are mature and diversified, and gradually follow the market trends and feedback to continuously upgrade and optimize, to meet the test of the market with a new attitude.

"Aspirations do not seek easy things, and things do not take refuge in." In the wave of new-generation technological changes, Heberson knows that the development of China's high-end precision core technology still requires more independent innovation, so it is in a more open On the journey, Heberson will continue to cultivate the optics and mechanics industry, grasp the market pain points, lay out core components and technologies, and while empowering customers to move forward, it will also continue to integrate its own systems to provide diversified cutting-edge products with both The characteristics of high sensitivity, high precision and high reliability are suitable for a variety of extremely challenging application scenarios, so as to meet the increasingly stringent industrial design requirements of 3C electronic products and realize intelligent manufacturing with quality as the core.

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