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New products, new ultra-high-speed industrial cameras from Heberson empower machine AI vision


Under the background of Industry 4.0, intelligent intelligence has become a hot word in the industrial field. In order to meet the needs of higher speed, efficiency and complex production environment, machines are also given more "facial features"-sensors that replace human functions. Among them, the wide application of high-speed industrial cameras in factory production lines is a typical example of enabling machine vision.

High-speed industrial cameras have a wide range of uses and can be used in production testing, printing, electronics, electrical manufacturing, and more demanding industries. In the industrial field, for example, to test the anti-collision performance of a mobile phone case, it is necessary to simulate a real fall scene. The entire falling process takes only one to two seconds, and from the moment of landing to the deformation or chipping of the phone case, it is calculated in microseconds. Unable to capture the instant picture; especially when the object is a fragile material such as glass, it is necessary to observe the direction and state of internal cracks when the material is impacted, and it is necessary to use a high-speed industrial camera as a carrier to analyze when the material is damaged The structure of matter.

New product
Product Introduction
Product advantages
Product application field
It adopts high-speed 4096-pixel linear black and white image sensor. Global shutter, M58 lens interface, 10G optical fiber transmission, 7μm*7μm, 4096*2 lines, line frequency up to 180k lines/sec, complete SDK and software support.
One-dimensional dynamic target measurement is mainly used in image processing in the fields of industry, medical treatment, scientific research and security to meet defect detection, positioning, identification and measurement applications.
Using 65 million pixel black and white area array high-speed image sensor.
Global shutter, large target surface, M58 lens interface, 40G optical fiber transmission, 3.2"CMOS, 2.5μmx2.5μm, frame rate up to 71fps at 9344*7000 resolution, complete SDK and software support.
Two-dimensional dynamic target measurement, such as measurement of area, shape, size, position, and even temperature, is suitable for high-speed and high-precision machine vision detection, motion control and other related applications in industry, medical, scientific research and other fields.

Hypersen, as a practitioner of high-end smart sensor branding in China, with ingenuity and independent research and development, two new high-performance High-speed industrial cameras  will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, including line-scan industrial cameras and area-scan industrial cameras. These types provide machine AI vision for industrial intelligent manufacturing. Below we will give a brief introduction to them.

Product technical parameters (please click on the picture)

At present, Hypersen's ultra-high-speed industrial camera product line covers two categories and four products of linear array and area array, meeting the needs of industrial machine vision in multiple fields. In addition to the above two new products, there is also the HPS-HSC2K ultra-high-speed industrial camera, which uses the industry's top 2.2 million-pixel black and white high-speed image sensor, global shutter, standard C lens interface, 40G optical fiber transmission, and a frame rate of up to 1490fps at 2048*1080 resolution. , And HPS-HSC5K ultra-high-speed industrial camera adopts 25 million pixel black and white image sensor, global shutter, standard C lens interface, 40G optical fiber transmission, and the frame rate can reach 150fps at 5120*5120 resolution. For more product information, application cases and videos, please click back to the home page to understand, (* ̄︶ ̄).

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