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​Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor series, point line confocal energy industrial manufacturing precision measurement


Key words: precision measurement; 3D measurement; Chromatic Confocal Sensor; domestic sensor; hypersen

       Sensor is a detection device that can feel the measured information and can transform the felt information into an electrical signal or other required information output according to certain rules, to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.Today, the sensor has been applied to a variety of complex engineering systems, such as industrial production, Marine detection, environmental protection, resource investigation, medical diagnosis, bioengineering, and even artificial intelligence, scientific research, cosmic development, cultural relics protection and so on, so it can be said that there are not many excellent sensors, modern production has lost the foundation.

▲Composition of the sensor

       Sensors are classified by function in five categories: visual, auditory, olfactory, taste and tactile, among which photosensitivity sensors representing vision have low cost and ease of use, and are popularized in industrial applications such as inspection, measurement, measurement, orientation and defect precision measurement.With the development of precision manufacturing industry, the requirements for precision measurement technology are getting higher and higher. The optical 3D measurement technology is helpful to optimize the quality control from prototype and mold construction, first inspection report to assembly analysis, effectively save detection time and quickly promote the launch of new products. The displacement measurement technology not only needs ultra-high measurement precision, but also needs extensive adaptability to the environment and materials, and gradually tends to real-time and non-destructive testing. Compared with the traditional contact measurement methods, the co-focusing sensor has the obvious advantages of high speed, high precision and high adaptability.

Chromatic Confocal Sensor

Principle of the Chromatic Confocal Sensor

       Using a special confocal optical device, the light source emits a wide spectrum of complex color light (in white), and the spectral dispersion occurs through the dispersion lens, forming a single color of light of different wavelengths. The focus of each wavelength corresponds to a distance value. Measurement light emitted to the surface of the object is reflected back, and only a single color of light satisfying the confocal conditions, can be detected by the spectrometer through small holes. The distance value is obtained by calculating the wavelength of the focus tested by induction. The spectral confocal method ensures that even if the measured object is tilted or warped, the measurement point will not be changed.

Because the light intensity of the reflected light depends only on the degree of reflection of the reflected object, which means that no matter how much reflected light does not affect the measurement results, the measured distance result may be unchanged, so a Chromatic Confocal Sensor can be used, even if the measured object is a strong absorbent material, such as black rubber, or a transparent material, such as glass or liquid.

Top ten advantages of Chromatic Confocal Sensor

? High resolution: theoretically wavelength can be subdivided, so quite high resolution can be output through a special lens.

? Good temperature stability: only the internal lens structure design, the lens itself is not heat, the temperature drift is small, for micron and sub-micron measurement, temperature drift is the key.

? automatic focus: within the measuring range, the position height of the measured object changes with the corresponding wavelength of light focused on the surface of the object, and then reflected back to the receiver.

? High lateral resolution: From top to bottom, the subject is always on the focus, and the measuring spots are extremely tiny to distinguish the small profile changes on the subject.

? Modular miniaturization: the lens and controller can be connected through optical fiber, long transmission distance, the lens can be done very small to install side-by-side.

? FM anti-interference: the wavelength is an FM signal and is not sensitive to amplitude modulation interference such as light intensity change. Optical fiber is not sensitive to electromagnetic interference and lightning surge.

? Transparent material thickness measurement: When the measured object is transparent with two surfaces, two wavelengths of light will return to obtain the thickness value.

? holography: In theory, the wavelength of any beam of light returning to the spectroscopic analyzer carries the distance information, and part of the light is blocked and less affected.

?High safety: the long-lived LED light source, the small power of white light, is safe to the human eye than the laser, and is not limited to the laser hazard level.

? High protection: controller high protection level, optical fiber can provide stainless steel coat version to prevent pest bites.

Contrare conventional laser displacement sensors

1. Laser displacement sensors are generally used to measure planar objects, while the Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor adopts a coaxial measurement structure, with a broader angular characteristic.The maximum measurement angle of the mirror surface spectral cofocal displacement sensor can reach ± 62 ° and the diffuse surface Chromatic Confocal Sensor to ± 88 °.In measuring non-plane, there will not be affected by the difference of return light, even if the object has large inclination or surface, high-precision shape measurement, such as 3D glass contour, glue height and highlight metal surface difference, which need to use high-precision meter to output 3D measurement data.

2. Laser displacement sensor generally adopts the principle of triangular ranging measurement, while Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor relies on cofocal effect, focusing the light reflection through special lens, realizing high resolution and high precision 3D measurement. Compared with the problem of large output spots of traditional laser displacement sensor, the Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor can reach 2.48um, measurement resolution, which has the characteristics of high light harvesting capacity and high system stability, which effectively solves the problem of small geometry and profile changing objects. When measuring the segment difference and gap, profile fidelity and accurate edge position can be realized even in the case of multifaceted reflection, and a clear profile profile can be measured to ensure precision measurement.

3. Traditional laser displacement sensor measurement compatibility is weak, and the head and installation mode need to be replaced repeatedly when measuring different material surfaces; while Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor can be compatible with displacement measurement mode and thickness measurement mode, and can be tested with different surfaces, multiple angles, and even mixing multiple materials without replacing the head and making stable measurement at the fixed point position. TheHypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor has very high scanning precision and can perfectly match applications of roughness measurements such as precision measurements in specific scenarios such as camera modules, lenses and support rings and lOGO segment differences.

4. Traditional laser displacement sensor can only be measured at fixed installation position, and add high value movement average in data output, so it is difficult to solve the problems of low efficiency, poor stability and poor synchronization using soft trigger measurement; while the Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor has great flexibility in the installation direction and movement direction, and can also support four-channel synchronous measurement. Hypersen’s self-developed Chromatic Confocal Sensor coding controller, can achieve a maximum sampling rate of 72kHz/ seconds, and not limited by the space and measurement area, the minimum linear error only 0.3um, can easily achieve movement measurement and some blind holes, narrow joints and other narrow areas measurement; in addition, Hypersen 3D line cofocal sensor, can achieve 2048 points / line, 17000 line / s limit measurement rate, but also can synchronously output 2D/3D images, help industrial precision 3D measurement!

5. Traditional laser displacement sensor will also cause the fixture deformation and optical axis offset due to its own heating, prone to measurement error; Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor has only lens structure design. Because there is no electronic components, the fixture deformation is not generated. For micron and micromicron measurement, temperature drift is the key, small temperature drift can realize the ideal high-precision detection.

Application of  Chromatic Confocal Sensor in the field of precision measurement

       With the rapid update of the 3C product exterior design and the continuous upgrading of the material process, the automatic measurement of the 3C products in the processing and manufacturing process has been used more and more in recent years, which plays its unique advantage.Hiberson spectroscopic confocal sensor has been widely used in precision measurement scenarios such as phone surface contour, phone chips, midframe difference, LOGO difference, camera modules, and coating defects.

▲ Hypersen 3D line confocal sensor HPS-CFL1000 for phone back panel measuring

       In the various aspects of semiconductor design, manufacturing and packaging, repeated testing and testing are required to ensure product quality, so as to develop devices that meet the requirements of the system. Defect-related failures are costly, from dozens of dollars at the IC level, to hundreds of dollars at the module level, and even thousands of dollars at the application-end level. Therefore, the detection equipment from design verification to the whole semiconductor manufacturing process has an irreplaceable importance.With its high resolution, high accuracy and stable reliability, the Hypersen spectral cofocal sensor plays a very important role in precision measurement applications including wafer surface contour, chip seal detection, and tin sphere lead welding.

The Hypersen spectroscopic confocal sensor detects the wafer

       Mold is the basic process equipment of industrial production, known as the "mother of industry", a wide range of mold applications, 75% of rough processing industrial parts, 50% finishing parts are formed by mold, most plastic products are also formed by mold. With the structure design of industrial products more and more complex, the geometry, the proportion of free surface is increasing. For this end, the manufacturing, processing and size testing of precision and complex mould.

▲ Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor screw profile detection

       In the field of medical detection, spectral confocal sensors can solve the problem of medical thin film surface defect measurement and thickness measurement. In the actual production of the film, affected by multiple factors, the film surface such as holes, crystals, scratches, cracks, spots and the human eye cannot judge accurately; whether the uniform thickness of packaging materials is the basis for the uneven thickness of the film will affect barrier and tensile strength. High precision control of material thickness is also an important means to ensure quality and control cost. The demand for general film measurement is micron class, and the Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor has ultra-high resolution with a detection accuracy of 50nm!

▲ Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor Thin Film Measurement

       Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor can detect any material and surface: including surface, including mirror, glass, ceramics, semiconductor, highlights metal, can be nanoscale measurement; ultra-high sampling frequency can be used for production line, replace artificial and improve qualified rate, and wide measurement range, almost no dead corners, can solve the laser triangle measurement due to surface material change or tilt; precision measurement of transparent artifact thickness, can be used for laboratory 2D contour measurement, 3D microappearance analysis, surface roughness measurement, to industrial online detection, automation control, etc.

Series of parameters of Hypersen technical spectral cofocal sensor

▲ Hypersen Chromatic Confocal Sensor HPS-CF Series (available in 2020)

▲ 3D Line Cofocal Sensor HPS-CFL Series (Listed in 2021, the first in China)


       The most essential feature of high-end equipment is high quality.For China's equipment manufacturing should move from low end to high end, it should first of all to solve the manufacturing quality problem. The core key is to solve the problem of ultra-precision measurement ability. The task China must urgently complete at the present stage is to strengthen the promotion and guidance of intelligent manufacturing, and enterprises spontaneously improve the ability of innovation and research and development.As committed to breaking through high-end intelligent sensor technology neck one of the firm executors, Robertson will continue to explore, integrate and use domestic and foreign advanced technology, in high-end intelligent sensor localization track, concentrate, and complete from technology accumulation, technology breakthrough to market recognition, help high-end intelligent sensor localization replacement target, for industrial efficient production to provide high-end intelligent sensing technology services, for the country's new infrastructure development, the layout of the industrial Internet provides continuous power.

Hypersen‘s  other sensor products

       As a national high-tech enterprise, Hypersen has a full set of research and scale production capacity of high-end sensor products. The enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and has obtained dozens of patents and software copyright. At present, the company's main products in addition to Chromatic Confocal Sensor series, machine vision system High-speed industrial camera, mechanical application of 6-Axis force sensor, laser sensor field of Laser cross-beam sensor, 3D solid state lidar and ToF ranging sensor , and is widely used in industrial automation detection, robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, AGV, intelligent traffic, Internet of Things, consumer electronics and other fields.

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