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Exhibition Review丨 Hypersen’s high-end smart sensors were invited to appear at three major exhibitions to accelerate global layout.


With the further advancement of the Industry 4.0 era, intelligent manufacturing has become an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry.

At the just-concluded Korea Smart Factory and Automation Exhibition, Chengdu AI+Machine Vision Technology Industrial Application Innovation Forum and ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, Hypersen’s series exhibits made a wonderful appearance, interacting with the audience with diverse application solutions, demonstrating the brand’s high-end intelligence Leading strength and innovative thinking in the sensor field.

Product introduction

Hypersen Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., as a domestic high-end intelligent sensor manufacturing company that has been providing high-performance sensor products and high-quality technical services to Fortune 500 companies at home and abroad for many years, has been in the field of optical precision measurement, industrial 2D/3D inspection, and robots. Intelligent applications and other fields have formed a mature product matrix. The main products include 3D optical profilometer, 3D line confocal sensors, chromatic confocal sensors, high-speed industrial cameras, six-axis force sensors, laser tool setters, laser cross beam sensors and various laser detection sensors.

Application demo

At the exhibition, we demonstrated our achievements in technological innovation, including chromatic confocal sensors for high-precision detection of transparent/mirror/highly reflective materials, precision assembly applications of six-dimensional force sensors, etc.

Exhibition exchange

During the nearly week-long exhibition event, the atmosphere was very lively, and many industry experts, customers, friends and audiences stopped to visit and communicate. There are experienced application engineers on site to listen to customer needs and provide feedback to customers.

In the future, Hypersen will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven concept, continue to invest in research and development, and launch more innovative and competitive products. At the same time, we will also deepen exchanges and cooperation with partners around the world, jointly promote the innovation and development of sensor technology, and contribute more to the transformation and upgrading of the global industrial field.

Thank you again to all new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who came to visit and communicate with us. We look forward to seeing you again at the next event!

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