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Company Profile

Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high performance intelligent sensors. Our core team consists of Ph.D., masters, experienced engineers and marketing experts with years of optical, magnetic, mechanical and electrical products experience in industry.

Hypersen’s products including Chromatic Confocal Sensors, High Speed Industrial Camera, 6D Force Torque Sensors, Laser Cross Beam Sensor, Solid-state LiDAR, Laser Displacement Sensors, Laser Profilometers, ToF (Time of Flight) Ranging Sensors, etc. These patented sensors are commonly used in applications or industries like Drones, AGV, Robots, IoT, ITS, Industrial 4.0, Vehicles, Consumer electronics and many other fields.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision:

    Technology makes the world a better place

  • Mission:

    We are dedicated to establishing a premium brand of intelligent sensors